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Pak Halal is a middle eastern bakery and Halal meat market. Bread from Trade Routes Bakery can be found here. 



Pak Halal International Foods offers mediterranean groceries, teas, coffee, spices, pita and other breads, halal meat and a variety of products for family dinners and entertaining. 

A Middle Eastern Grocery Store

We offer Asian and Middle Eastern grocery products and Halal meat for cooking, baking and entertaining. Customers will find some of the most interesting Middle Eastern food and Halal processed meat in Kansas City. We also offer a variety of home goods including tea service, hookah pipes and tobacco. Our conveniently located store in Lenexa showcases a plethora of unique offerings located on the shelves and in the meat department of Pak Halal. Shoppers will discover authentic spices and food items in the store that will make your Middle Eastern dishes authentic or your ordinary American food more tasteful and interesting .  Be sure to explore the aromatic, imported spices, the Hookah Pipes and tobacco, and Turkish Coffees and teas. We carry an abundance of dry goods, grains and beverages that no other big box grocery store carry. Looking for soft, fresh pita bread? You are in the right place. Pak Halal is a destination for people looking for Trade Routes Pita Bread. Baked fresh several times a week in our bakery, our Pita Bread starts the best breakfast and lunch sandwich is town! It also adds to your appetizer plates and snack times.  Be sure to spend some time in our International Grocery store. If you have any questions, please ask for Munir. As the owner of Pak Halal he is dedicated to making sure your experience in his store brings you back again and again. 

Trade Routes Bakery

At Pak Halal our bread, pita, Zatar and Ka'ak are made from scratch in our very own Trade Routes Bakery, using only the best ingredients for the freshest, softest, best tasting bread products we can offer.

Meat/ Butcher Shop

Pak Halal only offers the freshest chicken, lamb, goat and beef. We use the Halal tradition of processing our meats to ensure. Taste our meat and you won't buy meat from any other butcher again.


Come and explore the Middle Eastern foods and Spices we offer at Pak Halal. Take advantage of our bulk pricing on spices and brighten up your taste buds and table at home with foods that will amaze your palate and entertain your friends.