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Pak Halal is a middle eastern bakery and Halal meat market. Bread from Trade Routes Bakery can be found here. 


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Buy the softest, freshest pita, Ka'ak, spinach and meat pies, and zatar bread available! Baked fresh almost daily! Stop by our store and go home with fresh bread!

The softest, freshest bread is made at Pak Halal

The bakery is the pride and joy of Pak Halal.  The name is meant to create pictures of the trade routes through the orient. Operational since 2010 the conveyor system and ovens have been custom designed for Trade Routes Bakery. Our bakery uses the freshest ingredients, unbleached flour, and simple ingredients with minimal sugar that is necessary for the bread to rise.

Our pita bread touches many senses; the smell, the texture, and the flavor.

The pocket that forms in the pita transforms it into more than just bread, but a meal meant to hold breakfast foods, lunch meats, and dinner menu items. It is a versatile form of bread for any meal. The bakery is a destination because of its pita bread. Customers have come to the bakery to take bread, sometimes as much as 10-20 bags, to Maryland, Texas, Florida, South Dakota for their families to enjoy.

Use our bread to make a meal out of anything

Pita bread is only one of the bakery offerings that Trade Routes produces. We offer large breads with no pockets. Our large bread is especially good for making pizza, Ka’ak, (bread commonly eaten in the Near East made in a large ring-shape and covered with sesame seeds), Spinach pies and meat pies (triangular shaped bread filled with great tasting spreads), and Zaatar  with oregano, sumac, thyme and olive oil, Zaatar with  cheese or both!
On Saturdays during their busy season, in Spring and Summer,  will bake between 4-5,000 pieces. One of the locations in The City Market in downtown Kansas City will sell 250 bags alone.

Our goal to is let the American public know that a good breakfast or lunch sandwich does not always have to start to a Mc! A healthy way to make a meal at home or for on the go is to start with a fresh, local made pita and fill it with things that make you happy to eat it!