What exactly is Halal Meat?

What is Halal Meat and how is it different than what you find in your average grocery store? Born from traditions handed down over centuries through the Qu 'ran, Halal Meats are “permissible” for Muslims to consume. They require strict handling and certain requirements of the animals and the cuts of meat. 

Halal Meat Standards

The HFA (Halal Food authority) is one of the major non-profit organizations that monitor the adherence of Halal principles across the globe. The guidelines set forth for meats such as lamb, goat, beef, and chicken are twofold. Certain requirements must be followed during the life of the animal as well as during the slaughter and preparation. According to the Qu’ ran and Muslim traditions, animals destined for slaughter and consumption must be treated humanely throughout their lifespan. They must be raised on a vegetarian diet containing no growth hormones or antibiotics. Pork products or bi-products can never be consumed or used to feed Halal Meat animals. 

In addition to the requirements during the life of the animal, Halal Meat standards are strict during the act of slaughter. A specifically trained Muslim must handle the slaughter of a Halal certified animals. The process must be done by hand, not by machine. The animals must be alive and healthy at the beginning of the process. A surgically sharp knife must be used to cut the jugular vein and all blood must be drained from the carcass. During the slaughter process, a dedication is recited. As with the handling of the life of an animal, the slaughter process must be humane. All attempts are made to limit the amount of pain inflicted on the animal. 

Halal Meat at your Local Butcher Shop

The strict guidelines that are in place for Halal Meat often exclude most meats sold in many US grocery stores. Many animals are fed animal bi-products or treated with antibiotics. Some are slaughtered by machine and most do not adhere to the Muslim values and traditions. In the suburbs of Kansas City, located in Lenexa, KS, Pak Halal is a local International Grocery Store and bakery featuring a Halal Butcher Shop. All their meats are certified Halal. They are fresh, never frozen. Weekly deliveries take place on Thursdays with cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, and goat available. Pak Halal strives to consistently offer the freshest and most tender cuts of meat that follow Halal guidelines. Proof of certification is always available for inspection. The workers in the meat section are devout Muslims that are committed to excellence. In addition, pre-seasoned options such as Kifta Kabob, Beef and Chicken Shawarma, and Chicken Tawook are available. The shelves are also stocked with Middle Eastern and Asian food options as well as freshly baked pita. Come by Pak Halal in Lenexa, KS for fresh Halal Meats at affordable prices.