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Pak Halal is a middle eastern bakery and Halal meat market. Bread from Trade Routes Bakery can be found here. 


Spices, Middle Eastern Spices, Mediterranean cooking

Cook with exotic middle eastern spices. We package our spices in small or large amounts. Shop at Pak Halal for all your middle eastern cooking spices. Savor the flavor of your past and your future. Shop our spices at 12259 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa KS,66215

Spices from Around the World

The spices we offer at Pak Halal come from all over the world. All of our fragrant and fresh spices come from international importers. To provide and excellent value for our customers, we purchase spices in bulk and make them available for your home and commercial use. We buy the very best spices we can in large quantities and offer it in usable quantities to our customers.  Most of our customers do not need a pound of Turmeric. But they can get 6 ounces of the best Turmeric in Kansas City at a reasonable price using our power of bulk buying.  Our customers find all of our Sadaf International Spices in these smaller handy packaging, easy to use and always fresh. 

Many of these spices come in whole or powder form. A sample of spices that are available at Pak Halal are:

and much more...

Look through the International Spices Gallery below for the spice you are looking for. If you don't see what you want, please call our store. We are continually adding spices to our list in an effort to have what you need! 

International Spice Gallery